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Mira 2024.3 - Release Notes
Mira 2024.3 - Release Notes
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Friday 28th June 2024

Changes to pricing

There will be changes to our pricing on July 1st.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Adjusted performing searches to show most relevant results at the top by default.
    This can be changed by changing the "Sort By" filter

  • Search Files dialog can now be filtered to specific filetypes and file categories

Drawing Tool Permissions (IMPORTANT)

To enable access to the drawing tool for your additional staff accounts, we have added new permissions which you must enable.

You can change your staff permissions via:

Staff > (Select User) > Edit > Roles & Permissions

Drawing Tool 🎉

We are proud to officially launch the Drawing Tool!

The Drawing Tool has many capabilities including:

  • Upload satellite images and floorplans

  • Download drawings as image/JPEG file

  • Embed drawings onto your generated reports

  • Use shapes, brushes and lines to create mudmaps

  • Available on all your devices - phone, tablet and PC!

Drawing Assets

Drawing Assets make the tool extremely versatile:

  • Import industry-specific icons to quickly create drawings

  • Create custom icons, shapes and templates

  • Embed a legend and compass bearing onto your drawing

  • Pin your most commonly used assets for quick access

How to add assets

On the drawing tool, click "Add Assets" in the sidebar:

You will be brought to the "Add Drawing Assets" dialog within Settings:

Select an asset collection to add to your business.

Initially, we’ve created a Pest Control collection which contains many useful icons for our pest control users.

Over the coming months, we’ll be working with our other customers too, to extend these available asset collections, to save you the hassle of creating them manually.

Click "Add Assets" in the bottom right toolbar

That's it! Your asset collection within the drawing tool now is ready!

You can drag these icons onto the canvas to quickly create drawings.

We will be slowly integrating the drawing tool into other modules over the rest of the year, so stay tuned!

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